Sunday, February 10, 2013

Explorer les propriétés du son

Learning goal: 
Explorer les propriétés du son (l'amplitude et la fréquence) avec nos instruments de musique
To explore the properties of sound (both amplitude and pitch) with our musical instruments
Students were asked to use recyclable materials to create a musical instrument (I referred to it as a 'sound' instrument). The focus was to create sound made through unique vibrations. I exposed students to artists such as John Cage, Janet Cardiff and Lauri Anderson who have used unique objects integrating sound into an art form.

We learned the basics of sound ( and with Mme Kohut's class, had several discussions about its properties.

Students were able to assess their instrument and predict how it will preform when amplified in chart form.
There was one centre where 5 students at a time could place a contact mic onto their instrument and begin testing the sound of their instrument. The contact mics were connected to a mixer, which was connected to our large class speakers. At times, it was a little loud.

Using Garage Band, students could clearly see the frequency of their vibrations. I have recorded a few group compositions. The recording is much different from what was heard in the classroom because the mics only picked up on the vibrations. (to be posted soon)

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