Sunday, November 17, 2013

White Elephant Sale

This year the Grade 6 students and teachers are holding our school’s first annual White Elephant Sale on Friday, December 6th, to raise funds for our end of the year field trip.  We are asking the St. Cecilia School community to donate gently used, clean items anytime now up until December 5th.  Please look through ‘no longer needed items’ in your home and consider donating to our White Elephant Sale.  We would also greatly appreciate donations of used Christmas cards, old wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags.  This is in keeping with our reduce, reuse, recycle environmentally friendly attitude.  Remember that ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’. 
 The Grade 6 students and teachers will be sorting donations into different categories to make shopping more convenient.  Categories include:  books, toys, stuffed animals, CDs, movies, puzzles, games, Christmas knickknacks, jewellery (no used earrings please), crafts and household items.  On Friday, December 6th, each class will have the opportunity to come to the gym and shop.  Items will be marked in increments of 25 cents and most likely will be priced in the range of 25 cents to $3.  This may be an opportunity for our young students to do some Christmas shopping.  We hope to spread Christmas cheer as students find bargains to bring home to their loved ones.
With thanks in advance,
The Grade 6 Teachers

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