Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! Bonne année!

I hope that everyone has had a happy and restful Christmas holiday. 
I welcome you all back to school this new year. 
Here is a reminder of what we have been up to last year
 and what we will be working on this year!

Grade Four
   We began practicing our dramatic skills through the small Christmas play (Petite pièce de théatre pour noël). Stay tuned to see the final production via students' e-mail. I am currently editing the green screen footage :)  We will continue drama this January and early February.
    Students left off 2013 working on a science project on habitats and communities. Some have already started their final copy on a Google Presentation. We had a guest speaker on the last day of school, Mr Fahlman (a marine biologist), who presented and discussed marine life. The information we learned that day has helped students put into perspective the importance of learning about habitats and how humans can help in a positive way. I'm hoping to complete this unit soon and begin learning about light and sound (lumière et son).
    In Social Studies, we were focused on mapping skills and the physical characteristics of Canada. Now we will be focusing more on Canada's Physical Regions.
    I encourage students to continue reading this year. Many have kept track of their reading at home and have almost completed their carte du Canada (our at-home reading across Canada program).  Our goal this new year will to be speak more in French within our classroom!

Grade Five
    We are slowly making our way through the Social Studies unit on The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship. There is so much to learn and students have been responding well to the unit through their inquiries. We will continue the unit this Jan/Feb in French while integrating the art of drama. Last year we learned about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the history of Canada's democracy. We will focus on how to be a Canadian Citizen shortly.

Grade Six
    Students have worked very hard last year to complete their Social Studies project on how Canada interacts with the global community. I am currently posting students' work (Google Presentation, Prezi) on my website. Check out the 6ième Showcase!
    In December we started some group skits about Christmas. We will be continuing drama in French this January.

~Mme Krawiecki

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