Monday, February 17, 2014

Sound Experiment

   Recently, we have been learning about the properties of sound. The knowledge and understanding that I want students to gain is the relationship between energy, vibrations and sound. Through our experiment, not only will students see and hear this relationship, but they will also manipulate volume and pitch.

Task 1: Create a instrument with recycled materials, focusing on creating a vibration. The more creative, the better!
Task 2: Before the experiment, students had to determine where the vibrations are created on their instrument and where will they place the contact mic to capture those vibrations.
   With a few students at a time, they were able to experiment with the contact mic creating a change in pitch and volume. I was able to control the volume of all instruments through a mixer (to maintain an equal volume). The mixer watch attached to the classroom speaker (for students to hear) and my laptop (recording through Garage band).
    Below you can hear the sounds made from then vibrations of students' instruments.

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