Monday, November 24, 2014

Resources for Gr 4 and 5 Projects

Gr 4's will be working on an Integrated Sciences project (Science/Social Studies): Rocks and Minerals (focusing on fossil fuels) and Canada - Political and Physical Regions (whereabouts of the pipeline). 
Gr 5's will be focusing on the Fossil Fuel Pipeline in Canada and looking at the political aspects (Provincial/Federal) of this current issue.

Please take some time at home to look into and/or review information regarding this topic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jour de souvenir

On Remembrance Day, the Grade Fives were asked to think of one word that comes to mind when they think of Remembrance Day/Jour de souvenir. Using a Google Form, students submitted their word. Then I took all the compiled words and copied them into Wordle takes the most common words and highlights them in a larger font. You can easily see what words students thought of most.

Grade Fours and Fives recited Remembrance Day poems in front of our green screen. These videos will be shared with students. They will be able to save the videos in their Google Drive.
If you check our twitter wall, Grade Fives tweeted about how they remember on Remembrance Day using the #werememberocsb.