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Canadian Geographic Energy Diet Challenge

Shell Canadian Geographic Energy Diet Challenge

The Grade Fives have been working very hard on the Energy Diet Challenges. Click on the above link to look at our progress. They were put into groups to work on challenges of their choice. I am extremely impressed on how motivated they are to complete the challenges. In my opinion, this has been a rich learning task for students as they have been collaborating, using their creativity, some have been innovative with their challenges, thinking critically about aspects of our energy unit and applying their learning about energy present within our school, community, nation and some have ventured out to compare aspect of energy based in cities around the world.
Below are student written reflections of their challenges.

Challenge: Post-it!
MeapSalut! Je m’appelle Elissa. Pour la projet du l’énergie, j’ai travaillée avec Malia et Kate. La projet est environ de construirer un exposition de l’art avec les choses qui est recyclable. Nous sommes constuirée un robot avec du papier et du carton. On s’appelle Meap.
Ca c’est un photo du Meap. Nous sommes constuirée Meap pour 10 points. Pour 10 points, tu avoir constuirer la exposition de l’art est mettre la exposition de l’art dans l’école. Pour les 15 points tu avoir constuirer un exposition de l’art et mettre ca dans la communauté.
Malia, Kate et moi on pense la projet pour la 15 points est très difficile parce que nous besion constuirer la exposition du l’art imperméable  alors ca c’est très difficile. J’ai aimée la projet parce que ca c’est améliorer notre collaboration. La projet a aider moi pour identifiée les choses qui est recyclable.

Challenge: Buckle-Up!
IMG_1044.JPGLe projet c’est sur l’energie program. Moi et Cassidy travail sur le “ Buckle Up. “ Buckle Up c’est quand tu ecrite un map de nos communauté. Aussi nous encore besion a surligner le route ça utiliser moin l’energie. Aussi nous on ecrite comment c’est route c’est le plus efficace. Sophie et Cassidy adore le program il est très bonne.

Challenge: A Green Powered Canada
It was about non renewable and renewable energy.
We filled out questions about energy.
We chose batteries as non-renewable energy. We needed to say what it would do in the future. We said that people would make better batteries that were stronger.
We made a video about energy
We after chose another one and it was to do a little movie about solar energy.
It was really fun but we could not upload it.
Parker :]  Brian :]

Challenge: Story Time
Our ​​challenge was to create a comic about energy issues. We did it on Toontastic the characters were the robot and the scientist. Our issue was  about needing electric power. It was great fun to work on toontastic because I like to use technology to do it.    Naomi and Anika

Challenge: Green Innovations
The goal of this project was to make an energy efficient car that used solar power.
Our energy project was a lot of fun. Anderson,Ian and I built a cardboard car it was a big challenge but also a lot of fun. We had to go from class to class asking for cardboard some cardboard we even had to take out of the garbage. It was hard enough for us to design our car because we tried to design a truck but we did it and it look pretty good. We also had to get markers to colour the car. When we did have our design and the markers we had to get tape or some other type of stickiness. So when we did find tape it was super hard to get the right pieces of cardboard for the design we wanted. We ended up having to make a new design for the materials that we had. So when we all agreed on one design we started to cut the cardboard and started to build. We built this car to represent how much energy cars use.At the end of the project our car turned out pretty good. It looked like a good team effort and it was definitely a big challenge, but if I had another chance to do another challenge I would do it with no doubt! We also made it move with magnets F.Y.I...  it was awesome!!!!!

Challenge: Phantom Power
Phantom power is the power source from ipad chargers that are in use whereas mini ovens that are plugged into the wall, do not use energy when not in use. But what people don’t realize is that the reason their energy bill is sky rocketing is because certain devices that are plugged will use energy even when not in use. For example a kettle that is done heating water, will stop using that energy. However an iPad that is plugged in will continue to use energy as it is constantly charging up.
During this time period we have gone around the entire school to find the devices that are plugged in all day, and we found that there was 289 things that are plugged in for around 150 and 190 days. We have learned that most teachers will leave their chargers in the wall after they took there device out.Also that they leave it charging after its fully charged.
We also interviewed teachers about how they could reduce phantom power.

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